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Various and sundry rug cleaning adventures!

Glorious Spring!


Rug cleaning in Spring!

Springtime has sprung at Pro Care Cleaning!

This is the view out the front of my rug cleaning shop.  After a long, long, long winter…this just puts a silly grin on my face!  Sometime in February, every year, carpet cleaners in the northern climes start to question their vocation.  They wonder…”should I have listened more carefully to Mom, or perhaps my seventh grade English teacher?”  We ponder these imponderables until Spring arrives, at which point we say,

“We will not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. (My apologies to Dylan Thomas for this wretched misappropriation of his beautiful poem!)

…or something like that!  Let’s just say Spring has a special meaning to those of us who work with water, pumps and brass fittings!

How Do You Get The Pet Urine Out Of My Area Rug?

Pet Urine Seeping Out Of Area Rug

Yep! That's Pet Urine Seeping Out Of The Area Rug!

I’m afraid that brown/yellow stuff is exactly what you think it is!  Many times people will have their carpet cleaner try to “clean up” the rug as it lays in the home.  As you can see from this picture that kind of approach is doomed to failure.  No matter how hard the carpet cleaner works on the rug he’ll never get all the urine out – and your nose will testify to that truth!  If you have a rug that you love that has urine damage from a pet you also love, the only way to solve that problem is call us at Pro Care Cleaning and schedule a visit for your rug to our “rug spa”.  We’d love to have the chance to serve you!

Pet Urine On Your Rug! How Do You Get It Out?

My Dog Brandy
Brandy hanging out on her favorite rug!

That’s my West Highland Terrier, Brandy.  That rug sits in our Dining Room.  She’s a very good dog and rarely has any accidents or problems, but when she does it frequently happens on the Dining Room rug.

It’s not unusual for us to get a panicked call from a homeowner whose pet has had an accident on their rug.  What can you do at home to remediate such an accident?

First, blot, don’t scrub!  We can’t undo permanent fiber damage to your rug.  Next, place a white cotton towel over the spot, folded up into quarters and place plastic wrap over the towel and place a book over the plastic wrap.  Leave this for 24 hours.  The residual moisture will wick up into the towel and out of the rug.  This is your best procedure short of bringing a rug in for professional cleaning.  If you start treating the rug with spotters, enzymes and other specialty products you could do damage to the rug.  This damage can come in the form of permanent staining , color migration or loss, or browning of cellulosic materials.
At the risk of shameless self-promotion, if your rug has been or is being used by your pet as an inside the home toilet area you need to have a professional wash that rug.  Only a thorough professional rug cleaning is going to get rid of all that mess and unwanted bacterial activity.

The Importance of Testing For Dye Transfer!

Wool Rug That Bled
A Gabbeh with urine damage that bled.

This beautiful rug came to me with heavy dog urine deposits.  It’s hard to see in the picture but there were literally dozens of separate deposits.  When I tested the rug for possible dye transfer, also known as bleeding, everything tested out fine until I got to the reds.  The red dye bled on contact!  It was immediate!  This always presents us with a conundrum.  A rug with any kind of instant dye transfer is a rug you generally don’t want to get real wet, for obvious reasons!  But this rug had to washed! It was, after all, full of pee.  We decided to treat it with a dye-set product and then move forward with a full wash.  The rug cleaned up beautifully with no dye transfer of any kind.  This really highlights the importance of testing every color in a rug before it’s cleaned.  Getting lazy about this just once can cause very real damage.  At Pro Care Cleaning we test every rug that comes into our shop.  Not only every rug, but every color in that rug! That way the only surprises we encounter are of the pleasant variety!

Cleaning Campers – Is It Spiderman?

Cleaning A Camper - Spiderman!
Is It Spiderman? Nope, just Jonathan my lead technician demonstrating dedication to his job!

Cleaning a camper can be difficult work!  Tight spaces combined with heavy use always makes for a challenge!  Jonathan is not going to be deterred!  Even when you have a somewhat unusual cleaning need, we’d love to have the opportunity to visit with you about it!

Our New Office!

Pro Care Cleaning Office
This is where we have all the fun!
Pro Care Cleaning Offices
Signs Now did a great job on our door! Thanks Jana!

This is a picture of the front of our new location at 1438 S 1st.  We’re super excited to be here and we’ve just about got everything moved in and situated.  We officially moved in March 1st.  Carpeting was replaced, tile was replaced, Tracy and I repainted, had the door and windows tinted and last but not least we had Signs Now come out and letter the door for us.  We’re very pleased with how that turned out!  We’ll post some pictures of the inside next.  I know…we’re a lot more excited about this than you are, but hey….that’s what a blog’s for, right?  Thanks to this new location along with some new equipment we can now get your rug turned around in one week flat!

New Location/New Rug Cleaning Studio!!

Just Finished Washing A Rug!

As of March 1st we moved into a new larger location at 1438 S 1st St, Suite 2.  Part of that move was the construction of a brand new rug washing pit along with a brand new drying rack system!  We are very excited about this!  Our new wash pit can accommodate rugs up to 11′ x 15′.  There really is no rug we can’t wash thoroughly now.  Our new drying system from Rug Badger allows us to simultaneously dry multiple rugs as well as detail clean problematic fringe with ease.  These are the types of things that make a rug washer’s heart happy!  If you own a rug that needs cleaning, no matter how large or small, we’d love to help!  Just give us a call at (402)486-4792.

Tufted Wool Rugs

Tufted Rug Front

Front Of Tufted Rug

Tufted wool rugs are very popular!  They come in a virtually unlimited number of colors, styles and shapes.  Tufted wool rugs are constructed differently than woven rugs.  The fibers are “punched” through a primary backing, then latex is poured over the backing, then a fabric skrim is attached as the final backing for the rug.  The construction of these rugs varies widely from fairly high quality to very poor.

Fabric Skrim On Tufted Rug

They present some unique difficulties from a cleaning standpoint.  The first consideration is the latex backing.  Any contamination (think pet accidents) soaks down into the latex, sometimes all the way through to the skrim.  Cleaning this out of the rug is extremely difficult and frequently requires more than one washing.  The second consideration is assessing how durable the fabric skrim is.  Sometimes the skrim is sewn on (which is best), sometimes it’s tacked on (second best), or unfortunately, sometimes the skrim is glued on.  If the skrim is glued on, it will likely require re-glueing after washing.

Having said all of that, the rugs are cleanable, contrary to what many cleaners will tell you.  If you have a problem tufted rug, we can help you!  Give us a call to set up a time for a free consultation.

Details, details, details!

Hand-scrubbing the fringe

Hand-processing of oriental rugs is what makes the difference between O.K. results and great results!  This is a picture of my son Matthew, from about a year and half ago.  When I took this picture he was shorter than me – now he’s four inches taller!  I love the time he spends with me working on rugs!  Fringe oftentimes needs individualized attention, both as part of the main wash process, and as a last step in the final preparation of the rug.  Do not trust your rugs to someone who is going to “surface clean” with their regular carpet cleaning equipment – the results from that type of approach will always be disappointing.  Fringes should be clean, but not bleached!  The original color of the fringe should remain the same!  If you have any questions about your particular rug, we are always happy to visit with you about them.

Area Rug Cleaning – My Newest Toy

This somewhat modest, albeit expensive, piece of equipment is the newest “toy” I’ve added to my rug cleaning spa. Cleaning rugs is a very time intensive job when done correctly. Increasing production rates leads to shorter turn around times for the rugs we clean. That’s where this equipment comes in – it’s a 10 gallon per minute auto pump-out. That means the waste water generated during the cleaning process and the water generated while performing final extraction on your rug can be safely and quickly filtered and disposed of. No more slow and laborious dumping of waste water – yeahhhh!

You may be having one of two reactions right now:

1. This man has great passion for his work! or……..

2. This man has lost his mind, and leads a sad rug-centric life, devoid of the things that make “normal” people happy!

Either way, know that I’m as happy as a bug in a rug! Pun intended!