Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

Glorious Spring!


Rug cleaning in Spring!

Springtime has sprung at Pro Care Cleaning!

This is the view out the front of my rug cleaning shop.  After a long, long, long winter…this just puts a silly grin on my face!  Sometime in February, every year, carpet cleaners in the northern climes start to question their vocation.  They wonder…”should I have listened more carefully to Mom, or perhaps my seventh grade English teacher?”  We ponder these imponderables until Spring arrives, at which point we say,

“We will not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. (My apologies to Dylan Thomas for this wretched misappropriation of his beautiful poem!)

…or something like that!  Let’s just say Spring has a special meaning to those of us who work with water, pumps and brass fittings!