Rag Rugs – Look Out For Bleeding!

Rag rugs are beautiful, durable, colorful and just plain fun! They are usually difficult if not impossible to vacuum well and very few us take our rugs out for paddling like Grandma and Great-Grandma used to do. What are you to do with a rug that is dirty, but can’t be vacuumed very well, and last time you looked you had mis-placed Grandma’s rug beating paddle? The answer is you give it a thorough bath! This rag rug had only one dye susceptible to bleeding and that was the color red. The rug was treated with a special chemical that kept the red dye from fixing itself on any of the adjacent fibers. Then it was submerged in the rug spa and completely cleaned. It cleaned up beautifully! Next visit I’m going to show you a rag rug with serious bleeding issues!

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