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Patio Furniture Cleaning – Yes, It Can Be Cleaned!

Patio Furniture Cleaning
Patio Furniture Cleaning – Jonathan Hard At Work!

Jonathan is hard at work in this picture on 14 outdoor patio furniture cushions that we brought back to the bay to clean.  Patio furniture upholstery is always quite a challenge to clean well, but it can be done.  Jonathan spent roughly three hours working on getting these cushions looking their best!

Our New Office!

Pro Care Cleaning Office
This is where we have all the fun!
Pro Care Cleaning Offices
Signs Now did a great job on our door! Thanks Jana!

This is a picture of the front of our new location at 1438 S 1st.  We’re super excited to be here and we’ve just about got everything moved in and situated.  We officially moved in March 1st.  Carpeting was replaced, tile was replaced, Tracy and I repainted, had the door and windows tinted and last but not least we had Signs Now come out and letter the door for us.  We’re very pleased with how that turned out!  We’ll post some pictures of the inside next.  I know…we’re a lot more excited about this than you are, but hey….that’s what a blog’s for, right?  Thanks to this new location along with some new equipment we can now get your rug turned around in one week flat!